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The Film Policy Review Report: "A Future For British Film" in 2012 stated

'The Panel endorses calls to support the 'Greening Film' campaign and welcomes the BFI's initiative in launching BS8909, the official standard for "the sustainable management of the UK film industry".

The film industry is in a strong position to lead the way and inspire other areas of business to follow. We recommend that the BFI works with the Film Industry British Standard Working Group and that other industry bodies actively promote its adoption.'

This was further endorsed by the British Film Institute in their five year plan: "Film Forever" (October 2012).

For more information on BFI's Policy Strategy on Sustainability click here

What is 'sustainability'? In practice, sustainable behaviour takes three areas into consideration: social, financial and environmental. To improve their sustainability, organizations must safeguard social and economic resources and must not take more out of the planet than the planet can renew.

FDA recognises the importance of the distribution sector's social and environmental responsibilities and welcomes the objectives of BS8909 - a Sustainability Management System for Film.

FDA is working to reduce its environmental impacts and is supporting members’ efforts towards their voluntary implementation of BS8909.