Guide to Film Distribution - 2019 Edition

Know Your Industry – UK Film Distribution

Are you intrigued about how the UK’s theatrical film sector works? Are you trying to find a way to become a film influencer?

If you are interested in film distribution and how the sector works, please enjoy the videos below which take you on a journey through the industry and how best as, an emerging film blogger or influencer, you can effectively and successfully engage with the world of theatrical film releasing.

Matt Smith, Co-head Theatrical for Lionsgate UK starts the proceedings with an overview of film distribution in the UK and how film bloggers and influencers have come to feature more and more within the marketing mix.

The videos continue with experts from production, sales agents and distribution talking about how film influencers can best enjoy working in and contribute to the highly successful film sector in the UK.

FDA Interviews - Matt Smith

Matt Smith, Co-Head Theatrical, Lionsgate UK
Offers a brief overview of the UK theatrical film sector.
With thanks to:
Matt Smith, Thomas Meadmore, Charlie Bloye, Christopher Mitchell, Jessica Simmonds, Damian Spandley, Sam Batty, Madi and Alex.