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A message from FDA President, Lord Puttnam of Queensgate CBE, to all our eNewsletter readers


Lord Puttnam: FDA Keynote 2018


“I have little doubt that many people who watch pirated copies are fans, who want to experience films in timely, affordable, social ways. But all too often what piracy does is line the pockets of criminals, often serious, organised criminals, who invest nothing at all in the production and distribution of the films concerned. They just diminish their value by ripping them off.


The UK film industry plays an essential role in shaping how we are seen around the world. More than that, the creative industries as a whole are worth £92 billion a year to our economy, that’s about 5% of the total.


It’s incredibly important that each of us, wherever in the industry we work, does our bit to help safeguard the industry’s precious assets and jobs, and to encourage others to respect them too. Thank you.”