It's the law!

The law properly encourages all of us to respect copyright.

The penalty for online copyright theft is up to a maximum of 10 years’ imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine – in line with the theft of physical goods.

There are numerous examples of case law in the UK confirming that illegal recording in cinemas constitutes a criminal offence contrary to S6 and S7 Fraud Act 2006.

Explore for yourself the applicable legislation:

Fraud Act 2006 – Click here

Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988 – Click here

Intellectual Property Office

Fraud and Economic Crime Advice and Support

Please take care online

More broadly, in today’s digital world where change is the only constant, no one can stand still. As you’ll know, technology doesn’t stand still – consumer demands and behaviours keep evolving – and the business environment remains full of disruption.

Computer networks present ever more opportunities for fraud to occur online. Although more money is spent today on fraud detection and compliance than ever before, it is estimated that the annual cost of fraud to UK businesses and organisations is £98.6 billion (source: PKF Littlejohn, accountants, 2015).

Whether as companies or individuals, it’s generally prudent to assess potential IT threats, ensure that our valuable data is backed up, that outdated or unwanted data is deleted, that passwords and PINs are always kept private and confidential, and that we stay alert.