How you can help

Please don’t just turn a blind eye.
Thousands of people employed in UK film depend on copyright functioning effectively.

Why support film traffickers who distribute rip-off copies of new titles, aiming to exploit the legitimate demand built up amongst audiences by the film distributors’ campaigns?
Think about where any money you pay might really end up.

If you select and watch a film, surely it’s right that those who made and released it are remunerated fairly for their work? If some people watch without paying (i.e. steal), then left unchecked, those choices will surely have consequences for everyone...

Share the real experience, not the rip-off copy

If it’s available before it’s even in cinemas or in stores, it’s most probably a rip-off with a wobbly, obscured picture and sub-standard, muffled sound. It may not be a complete or safe version. It will not have been certified by the British Board of Film Classification.

Please don’t go near it if you suspect it isn’t the real thing.

Film theft isn’t the victimless crime it might superficially appear to be.
Counterfeiting and piracy cost the UK billions of pounds, while often feeding serious, organised crime.

Love film? Hate piracy: don’t support it, report it, and enjoy the real experience.

Report film theft

Please email to report instances of film theft at any time.

You can also share information about any form of film theft, anonymously and free of charge, by calling Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111 – or by visiting


This brilliant short promo was made for FDA by talented student filmmakers at the UK’s National Film & Television School

Called The Last Cinema, it was unveiled in 2011/12, when FDA celebrated 21 years of UK film distributors’ sponsorship of the NFTS: