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FDA Publications

FDA publishes an annual Yearbook, offering a selection of data breaking down the previous year’s cinemagoing in the UK, courtesy of Rentrak www.rentrak.com. There is also analysis, comment and a range of illustrated articles on generic topics affecting film releasing.

To apply for a copy, email info@fda.uk. Subject to availability, copies may be provided free of charge.

We also publish a Guide to UK film distribution. In generic terms it reveals the fascinating - and essential! - life of a film after the production phase, and shows how distributors work to launch a film in the intensely competitive market place and to deliver its audience.

The guide explores marketing and release strategies, and considers the creative, organisational and personal skills needed to work in the various branches of distribution.

This publication is aimed at students, trainess or people on work placements in the media industries, or anyone with an interest in the film business. You can discover more at our dedicated website, www.launchingfilms.info. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.